Two Games in the French Advance

Dec 23, 2009, 9:21 PM |

These are two games from the Minneapolis open just concluded on December 20th.  This was my fourth tournament and the first one where I tried to play the same openings for the prior month.  It did help though both opponents fianchettoed their dark squared bishop and so over-protected d4 I thought I needed to switch to trying something on the kingside.  I'm also not a fan of 5 a3 though I didn't take advantage.  I am thinking that 5...f6!? might be the way to go.


This game was the third on Saturday and I had just finished the last game of round 2 using all the clock.  I didn't play ideally and I also let myself get impatient.

This second game I felt much better about except for the unfortunate ending.  I really should've offered a draw sometime after he lost his c-pawn.  After that he was miserable, not moving for twenty minutes.  But I really didn't see a good way to win the ensuing position.