1400 - 2000 #6 What to study, how to study

May 15, 2013, 7:41 AM |

This week I have been trying to find the roots of my errors, and will most likely contribute it to HOW I study chess, and WHAT I am studying.

I buy all sorts of books, and read them, usually without a chess board in front of me. I use the tactics trainer here, but do not practice solving difficult problems in books with unlimited time. I rush through solving problems, saying "Ohh I got the first move" but not understanding why its right.

I do not analyze my own games enough. Why I made mistakes, what was I thinking at the time, learn the opening of the game, find better moves.

Watching aww-nuts' free videos on youtube, and a lesson with Attila Turzo, I have come to realize I am doing things all wrong, and simply rushing through reading a book I buy does not help my understanding of the positions, openings, ideas, or plans.

Goals for this week: Work through Chapter 3 - Reasses Your Chess 4, with a board, and notebook. Work through analyzing one of my games fully. Pick 2 turn based games to give extra thought to, then slowly reduce the number of turn based games to 5 or less, and devote more thought per move.