2014 Southern Congress 5-SS - Recap of My Games

Aug 12, 2014, 6:38 PM |

Going to go reverse order here, round 5 first, because I think the game was the most interesting/instructive to/for me.  Here are several tactics that were not played in the game.  I won't say "missed" because I "saw" these moves, but they looked so risky OTB.  I have to work on tactics for sure. I feel like I missed out on some really nice wins this tournament because I was too afraid to lose material (though I went through with it in one of the games)


I briefly looked at this move, and the following problem, and for the life of me couldn't see where the compensation was.  Perhaps because the pawn structure changes so much? Perhaps because I was only thinking "material"?  But it is hard to argue how good this move is, it has threats (c6), it opens the e file (B on e7 is very weak), and his King is caught in center, which is what I wasted much of my time on during the game to figure out how to get at the uncaslted K. 
How did I get so materialistic? Sure, its the final round and we are playing for the top U1600 money pot, and I needed to win. But LOOK! This is winning! and it WINS material, not loses it.  Sure its several moves down the line, but this was one of my candidate moves, and I play Bh3 instead as almost a "waiting move" and then the very next move move it back to Bg2.  Just not acceptable. 
And then this:
Again, I see the N move, yet can't justify why I want a pawn for the N. I said "Does this do anything for my position? No!"  ... Really?  Part of the problem? I only try to calculate 2 moves ahead, 3 or 4 would have easily shown this to be much better then slowly building up.  Look! He's going to re-protect it next move! I needed something in a Hurry, twice!  While I enjoy the slow build up and the slow squeeze of my opponents I MUST see their counterplay, I must notice crucial points of the game.  I felt something happening, I must recognize it earlier.
The rest of the game is a fortunate disaster: