Boris Kogan Memorial Full Analysis Of My Games - 1400-2000 Training Diary

Mar 15, 2014, 1:05 PM |

I have gone over this game a bit, but I wanted to go through some example Master games from the opening, to get a better understanding of this sort of flank opening.

From this position:








There are 2 games in the Master Database here on

I liked the Qe2 Idea to exchange off the LSB's I haven't really thought of this before in this combating this sort of opening. Black's Queen gets misplaced, and loses the LSB on the long diagonal.


Game 2

Not sure of this Be3 line, I can't find anything anywhere about it, but I know I have seen it recommended some place with Qd2.  Perhaps black just plays Nh6? At any rate, Qb6 can't be bad, The Bishop was guarding b2, and just doesn't belong here.


Game 3

Lost this tough game as black in a few more moves when I make an illegal move while in check.


Game 4

Horrific opening, and middle. Rc7 saves the game. Pigs on the 7th for Life! :)
Game 5

Nice Alehkine's Gun.  After b6, the knight finally has a home, if he didn't push that, I would possibly have switched attack to K side.