From 1400 USCF to 2000 #4 - Battle of Lake Erie FIDE International Chess Championships

Sep 16, 2012, 8:32 AM |

I played in the U1800 section of the Battle of Lake Erie FIDE International Chess Championships as the U1400 and U1600 were combined into one group as there was a low tournout. I had planned to play "Up" anyways, and was looking forward to some good games.  What happened, was a disaster. 

In my first game I played Jason Zhou a 1736 USCF rated player, whom I noticed was carrying some of the same books that I also own. Specifically, Chess Openings for White, Explained.  I know that the book suggests the Grand Prix attack for white against the Sicilian, and I had been studying this line for white HARD this week. I prepared a line, and drew him as black the first game. However, he did not play the Grand Prix, and I was now stuck playing am opening with which I have very little expereince, although have lightly studied some Najdorf and Dragon lines. I played 8 moves or so "by theory" before I become hopelessly lost. 


In the third round, I was seeing tactical mirages, dropping pieces all over. I think I will lay off all the heavy tactics training for a while. I need to study positions, to find the candidate moves, and create plans better. 

I also ran into an old friend, whom is now a CM. He suggested some books, and we had a good time talking about the old days. We started playing chess about the same time, seems funny now looking back that I could beat him a few games :)  

But that is the whole point of these blogs, I think I have the drive and ability to play at that level, and I am determined to get there one day.