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Here some questions and answers about cheats in the vote chess games. This blog article is mainly addressed to regular admins and players, who do not cheating and are not so familiar with this yet.


Do cheating exist in vote chess?

Answer: Unfortunately yes. Just as in team matches do cheats exists also in vote chess.


Do teams cheating?

Answers: Well, I would say it's indivuals that do it. However, it could sometimes be admins, or lead analysts in the games. These guys may add suggestions based on what engines recommends, and the mates may give their votes. But it's some hard for regular players to know wheter other mates in the team using chess engines or not.


Is it possible to detect cheats in the vote chess games?

Answer: Probably yes. If a team move-by-move in game-after-game making chess engine moves, then is it reasonable consider that the team is affected by cheats.


Are many teams affected by cheats?

Answer: Probably yes. We know from the team matches that up to 5-10% of all participating players in many matches get their accounts closed in the longer terms. We must assume that the vote chess games are affected on similar level, at least.


Do some teams cheating more than others?

Answer: Well, unfortunately yes. Cheaters tend to play more in larger teams, which means that most of the larger teams normally have more cheaters than smaller teams. By that not necissarily saying they have a larger share of cheats, but a larger number of.
And of course, some larger teams could be more affected than others. But also small teams can be certainly affected, especially if an active admin or lead player take part in the games and cheating.


Is it possible to detect which teams are more or less affected?

Answer: Yes, there exist methodology for indicate possible cheating in the games. But discussions are ongoing exactly how to apply it. Different people have different opinions about the best way of doing.


Is it possible to detect which individual players in the games are cheating?

Answer: Probably yes, but hard to do for most admins. But admins are encouraged to report suspected cheats to for further investigations.


I will update this blog as getting more information and getting better aware of this issue.

At the moment I'm using Chess Analyses 2.6 for detecting possible cheats. Other guys also do. (Can be downloaded at:

My current impression is that following T1-T3-tresholds indicates that teams may are affected by cheats:

Black warning: 90%/95%/95%
Red warning: 80%/90%/95%
Orange warning: 70%/85%/90%
Grey warning: 60%/80%/90%

Black warning means that the team or players most probably are heavily cheating. Red/Orange/Grey warnings means that the teams are more or less affected by cheating, but may not necissarily more than their opponents (i.e. both teams may are quit affected..)


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