Jan 12, 2014, 5:57 AM |

I use to provide the team with copy and paste the current vote results meanwhile playing vote chess.

Here some thoughts about that.

Why copy and paste vote results?

Good for mates to know the current vote results. It gives an understanding of which options the team looking at, and which one to gathering more thoroughly. However, may also gives readers the opportunity to detect and make mates aware of obvious blunders or pure victory moves, which otherwise would not been highlighted etc.

Who do it?

More or less all team mates can do it and by that supporting the team and all mates.

When to do it?

Not too early, and not to often.

Here my recommendation:
First time perhaps after 3-4-5 votes been made.
Second time when 7-10 votes been made.
Third time when 10-20 votes been made.
Further times perhaps when 25-30 votes been made, and a last time when 35-40 votes been made. Especially valuable if there're two (or more) options that a lot of mates detected as good ones, or when to highlight that one option is victorious.

And what too avoid?
Attach subjective options, like "Vote on this", "I voted on this".
However, obviuosly bad blunders could be highlighted as "Big blunder", or onviously victoriuos moved could be highlighted like this "==> VICTORY!"
But if there're more moves that seriously could lead to victory, then preferrably avoid add your own subjective comments.

Also copy and paste the whole figures, and not cut off anything.

What about resign in the current vote results?

Avoid copy and paste any current vote results if resign is in majority. Wait till another option is in majority or close to. Never highlight or suggest "resign" as a victoriuos option...but perhaps as - if it is - a blunder or bad option. 

What about draw offerings in the vote results?
Well if the team want to reject a draw offering, then simply copy and paste the vote results. But if the team want to accept the draw offering, may highlight if another option perhaps could lead to a more victorious ending.

How to use the vote chess results when desire what to vote on?
Read any comments by mates before dig into the current vote figures. Give prior to suggestions proposed by higher rated mates and compare to the current vote results. Choose an option that are suggested by a high rated player and you find on the list of current vote results in first hand. If there are two or more options proposed by different high rated mates and which are found in the vote results, then make some analysis on your own, and vote for the one that make most sense for you.

And what to do if no vote results are available?
When read any comments, try to follow and give prior to what higher rated players proposing, but feel free to make your own choise.

Just some thoughts on basis of my experience as supervisor in 1,000s of vote chess matches, in the spirit of the "Rapid Vote Chess Approach".

Good Luck!

BR  Johan P