Oct 7, 2013, 1:09 PM |

I started my first teams on in the end of 2008.
It's nearly 5 years ago. At that time the teams were not so large, and teams not played so many matches.

I frequently  receive requests to become admin in my teams. I wished more admins could be involved, but my experience is that it's normally good enough with 1-2 super admins and perhaps 1-2 other admins to make teams running forward. So, I unfortunately normally have to thank no.

The question then perhaps appears to be:
How to become an admin of the larger teams?

Here some thoughts about that.

1. Become premium member
It's only premium members that can run as super admins.
If you really pretend to be a team manager then must you be a premium member.

2.Start your own team
As a premium member can you start your own team. Ensure that your team grow to a level of at least 300 members and keep a winning ratio on at least 40-50% and an average rating above 1500.

3. Exchange admin positions
Suggest admins of other teams of same sizes as you to exchange admin positions. But be careful! First exchange as admins, not as super admins.

4. Continue invite more members
Continue inviting at least 30 mates to your teams 3-5 days/week .

5. Continue startup and win games
Startup 5-10 matches per week at least, and ensure that you keep winning ratio 40-50% or more.

6. Join as member to teams without active admins, and propose you'll be admin. All teams without active admins, need new active ones.

7. Invite a group leader of a larger team to be super admin of your team, while you become admin of the larger team.
- Invite your mates from own team to the large team
- Invite mates of the larger teams to tournaments
- On regular basis startup matches for the large team

8. Stay loyal
Stay as admin of the larger team and contribute by inviting mates to the team, and startup new matches. Exchange admin positions between your own teams with other admins, and later on propose they let super admin of the larger team be admin of that one as well.

9. A happy day
The old super admin perheps decide to sharing leadership, retire or step down. You perhaps now are the right guy to step forward...

Some guys seem to believe all this goes very quickly.
My experience is that it probably take some time.
The most of the super admins of the larger teams have now been around for many years. But it's always nice to see some new guys in speed.

Just some thoughts, but on basis of experiences.

BR  Johan P