How to find suspected cheats in vote chess?

Apr 14, 2014, 11:55 AM |

Here some thoughts and guidenance about how to detect cheats in the vote chess games. Following are mainly applicable for larger teams that have applied plurality-alike voting approaches, i.e. not for majority-consensus-alike voting approaches.

1. Are there cheating ongoing in your games...?

If the team is winning game-by-game either by making "engine moves" or through lot of quick resigns or time-outs by the opponents, then somebody in your or your opponents teams are probably cheating.

Teams with a winning ratio >75% may unfortunately are more reasonable to suspected being affected by cheats. But also teams with winning ratios <25% could be affected. Other teams probably less affected.

Different guys have different opinions about exactly how to detect very cheats in the games, but it's natural to especially keep your eyes on teams that winning or loosing more than others.

2. Are somebody using engines in your team?

Indications could be:
- an early voter submitts engine-alike moves early in the turns, and either keep silent or adding short move advices or copy&paste the current vote results that includes this engine-alike move.
- a late voter submitts engine-alike moves late in the turns, that not was so popular when early/mid voters made their choises.

3. How to track these kind of possible cheats in your team?

- Which early voters are regularly adding short advisory comments, and are these moves engine-alike that give wins?
- Which early voters are regularly copy&paste early vote results including winning engine-alike moves that give wins?
- How often are early/mid voters superseeded by late voters, who submitting engine-alike winning moves that give wins?

4. Are your opponents cheating?

Same principles as above can be applied when trying to find out wheter your opponents are cheating or not if they winning game-by-game by chess enginge-alike moves.

But in the case they are frequently loosing on resigns or time-outs, then you rather can suspect that the team may contains of "mules", i.e. guys that obviously submitting bad moves just for making that team loosing. Some of them may have double accounts, and perhaps even using their other accounts for making chess engine-alike moves in favour to your team.

And you perhaps are badly affected yourself by "mules", that always suggest resigns...making bad advises or submitting bad moves...

5. Summary
- Detect possible cheats in your own and your opponents teams
- Be aware of "mules"...
- Report suspected cheats to

Reservation: Updates may araise above as getting more input and insights about all this.

Please feel free add comments about this.