PROGRAMMER? Join to Most Valuable Mate-forum!

Oct 19, 2013, 12:54 AM |

Who is the most valuable player in our teams?

Who is contributing most when comes to win team match games?
And who makes us winning the vote chess games?
And who is both a good team match player and vote chess player?

Would be nice award the most valuable players in theteams?

To make that possible, we need to collect figures about games and players and present players results in the games.

Are you a programmer (or otherwise interested in this and have ideas), please join to the Most Valuable Mate-forum and share your ideas and find out how to make this possible?

Three programming challanges are published there:
Challenge 1: Most Valuable Team Match Player
Challenge 2: Most Valuable Vote Chess Mate
Challenge 3: Most Valuable Mixed Player

The target for this is to be able award the most valuable player in this team in the future!

Please join to Most Valuable Mate:


BR  Johan Palmaer

PS! This project "Most Valuable Mate" is open for everybody!