Vote Chess Guidelines for Rapid Vote Chess

Jun 21, 2013, 6:41 AM |

In this team we playing vote chess in the spirit of ”Rapid Vote Chess”.

It means that we do not force mates to discuss or stop voting or vote on resign. And we of course do not use or consult any chess engines when playing

1/ Early voters , support by detecting interesting move options and make us not loose on time-outs.
2/ Mid voters, support by making analysis and give us good advices. Meanwhile also provide audience with copies of current vote results.
3/ Late voters, support by finalize and conform our decisions that make us winning.

Find your role, and make us win!

- Please check "Notify me of new comments" (on the upper-right corner of the comments field)
- First read the team comments. Spend time reading all the comments; you might learn something new, teach others something new, or at least have fun interacting with different players.

- If you find a really good move, post it into the team comments.

BR  Johan Palmaer
Vote Chess Supervisor