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Magnus Carlsen, world chess champion

Magnus Carlsen, world chess champion

Jan 3, 2014, 11:29 PM 2

"I always pushing and eventually my rivals have a mistake. I like feel very responsible for those failures. Are unusual in great players, It's what I've done in this World Cup "Summed Magnus Carlsen, world chess champion, his style of play.

What tricks can learn from the great champion Magnus Carlsen, "said Bernal González, 13-time national champion and aspiring Grandmaster.

"It's a new version of chess. He delves deeper into the finals, in the middle game, not so much in the beginnings.

"As he says, does not aspire to win at first, but aspires to long games where technique and endurance are important," .


He have the genius of Bobby Fisher (considered the most brilliant chess) planning Anatoli Karpov and, Garry Kasparov aggressive.

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