Games from the Aviator Open, Dayton Chess Club 7/31-8/2/2015

Aug 8, 2015, 12:05 PM |

The Aviator Open was the Capstone to the Dayton Chess Festival, 2015.  

The Dayton Chess Festival deserves a great deal more coverage than it has gotten.  A Masters tournament featuring several exciting young talents and some Grandmasters.  I didn't attend the Masters event at all, having other commitments, but I could get away for the Aviator Open. 

Here's a few of my games.  I took a 4th round bye, so I only played 4 games.  Unfortunately, I can't immediately find my 4th round game, which was quite interesting.  I think I can get a copy later and I'll add that as it becomes available.

I'll only feature two games below.  One game was against an unrated player, who played quite well for his first tournament, but I doubt that game will be of much general interest.

Speaking of the Masters tournament, in my first round game, I faced one of the winners.  I was seated on first board, being the top of the bottom half of players in the 3 round format!

The 14-year old Riufeng Li demolished me.  Let's see how he did it!

In the next round, I had the unrated player and won't include that game here.  I happen to know that player is here on, so I'll allow him first shot at putting it up for comment.  I'd be happy to go over it with him online or off.
In Round 3, I had a tough and interesting game against a tough opponent.
I plan to go over the games more later with a computer and provide additional notes.