God,Chess,and Cooking

Mar 8, 2016, 9:02 AM |

Welcome to God,Chess,and Cooking where here we'll talk about exactly that. So each post will have a time in the Bible where I'll begin a new Bible study,or continue from last post,Study a topic from Chess,and I'll give you a recipe. Afterwards,I'll have some questions that y'all can comment on. The 1st study we'll begin with is a look at Proverbs. I'll cover 1:1-7 today. 


Proverbs 1:1-7 makes the purpose known. The main thing we are to gain from this study is Wisdom. I think Proverbs is a good place to begin considering everything going on in the world,and we need wisdom in our decisions. The beginning of Knowledge is WISDOM. We use wisdom everyday whether we're playing chess,deciding who to vote for,just anything and everything requires the use of wisdom. The fear of the Lord means not to fear him,but to Love him enough to not fear him. Just think about these 7 verses,next post,I'll go a little more in depth,I just wanted to get our feet wet today.


Today in Chess,I want to work talk about the psychological side of chess. The 3 things that usually trip people up in chess is:making a blunder,time pressure,and mid game fatigue. Making a blunder in chess is a fact of life. Here are the solutions: play,study,and more play. The 2 plays are self explanatory,but studying is hard. If there are diagrams in the books,it's easy to put them on the board,but as you put them on the board,ask why did you make that move. Time pressure has only 1 solution: play with a timer often. Eventually,you will get used to timed games,and it won't be a worry. Mid game fatigue,now I've never had that,but one of the secrets is to eat something half way. Another thing is,take a breath of fresh air. I hope I have helped you today.


Here is the recipe today : Smoked BBQ Chicken



                                             Garlic Powder,Chicken Breasts

                                             Cajun Seasoning(trust me,it works)

                                             Any BBQ Sauce


                                             Preheat  your grill or smoker to between 200-300 degrees. Take all                                              dry ingredients,and rub on chicken. Next,Place chicken on grill. Once cooked to about 165 degrees inside,Sauce chicken,and grill chicken for 10 more min. 

Then the chicken is done.

Here are some questions I want you to comment on,and please be nice about your comments:What points do you feel should be made about Proverbs 1:1-7? Any other psychological parts of chess you feel I should comment on,and Let me know how the recipe goes when you make it.

Until Later,