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Platinum members with iPhones cannot watch videos anymore!

Platinum members with iPhones cannot watch videos anymore!

Feb 3, 2013, 6:48 PM 3

I've been a platinum member for many months now I think approaching a year sometime soon and one of the best features of the membership was the video archive.  As many players probably agree, it's tough having a good game playing on a cell phone and bit easier on a pc.  Spending so many hours on a computer I'm thinking chess.com users may want to relax in a sofa or in bed enjoying the videos.  Well that is all gone, technical support emailed me and I'm a bit disappointed because it used to work.  There's no discount for the reduction of services and I've noticed on my iPhone 4 they were able to remove the videos tab altogether.  However, on my iPhone 5 the menu option is still available but none of the videos displayed.  I clicked on a random video and noticed someone commenting that the videos no longer worked on his iPad.  I'm assuming if enought members make comments about this, they can work on it more.  I'd rather pay more if they need more resources to get this done, but I'm not other members would do that.  I would really like to see any comments about this...

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