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Have you ever just stopped what you were doing and looked around at the world? Not many people do. I usually don't, but one day I did. I happened to be looking around daydreaming when my eyes fell upon someone's ankle. Just the average ankle, but for some reason on that day I saw more than just an ankle. I saw one of God's great masterpieces. When I looked at that ankle a thought occurred to me. I started thinking how amazing that little ankle was. That particular ankle was supporting about 175 pounds. I started wandering how such a little ankle could support so much weight. That ankle doesn't look strong. It was just a joint of three or four bones connecting together. For some reason though it doesn't scrap against each other because of the weight it is supporting. It can move very freely despite the massive weight it supports. 

After looking at that ankle I started thinking about other little phenomena that are in our world. The next thing I noticed was the wind. You can't see the wind, and yet it can create the most amazing things. It could create the most peaceful summer breeze or the most deadly vortex of wind you can imagine. The wind could add the perfect touch to a picture or put a piece of straw through a telephone pole. Wind can do so many great and terrible things, but you can't even see it. Does that remind you of anyone?

The next thing I noticed were bats. Bats can determine the location of fifty moving strings in a one hundred foot radius while moving 30 mph. not only can it detect them, but it can also dodge them and catch the fly that is sitting on one of the strings. Now that takes some talent. Something so unbelievable that I wouldn't believe that they could do that unless I had seen them do it myself. Luckily for me, the Discovery Channel did a little segments on bats and showed just that. If you think about it, the complexity of bats is so astounding that it would be impossible for them to simply learn to do that through adaptation. It would just be impossible....

The next thing that I noticed was a bird. It was just flying in a circle two hundred feet in the air, looking for a worm to eat. The birds vision was so sharp that it could detect the tiniest of worms almost two hundred feet away. Quite an unbelievable feat. 

Another thing I noticed while swinging on my porch in the evening was a mosquito. I found it on my leg through sheer luck. I had no clue that it had landed there or had stuck me with its needle-like mouth. That mosquito had stuck me with a needle and I hadn't felt a thing. Some people can't stand getting shots and yet this lowly mosquito had managed to stick me with a needle without me even knowing it was on me. Do you know how it did that? Mosquitoes produce a liquid on its mouth that make it so that you can't feel them when they stick their mouth in you. Unfortunately for us, we happen to be allergic to that liquid. That is why mosquitoes' bites itch. It is quite astounding that they "evolved" into being able to do that. Very amazing indeed.

There are many more things in our world that are just so amazing. Another would be spider webs. Another amazing animal is the spitting cobra. Our world is full of amazing things all around the place. If we would just sit down and look, you would be surprised about all the things that seem to surprise you that you see everyday but never think about them. God sure has given us a beautiful world.... Just imagine how beautiful heaven must be. **sigh** It most be amazing. It is definitely worth living a life for God. It is the reason I have the courage to stand up against what is wrong. Every time I look at something beautiful I think of its Creator. How amazingly beautiful heaven must be....

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