soon to pass..........

Dec 3, 2008, 6:01 PM |

my birthday, 12/14


i reflect back on my life, then i look in the mirror.

i wonder who the old guy in the mirror is, for some days i feel great.

others i feel like death warmed over, as my brother tim says" you look it"

i have no regrets, i remember what mr. Brancheau once said "its hell getting old" lol when he said that 30 years ago i laughed, i now know what he ment by it.

disease,death, and natural disaters are a way of life, so live each day like its your last! take this to heart.

for all of you thank you for your support, today at the u of michigan transplant it did go good. i will find out in 2 weeks if i go on the waiting list.


i hope to play all of you in chess......joe