Caruana dazzles in Berlin by IM Juan Armando Röhl Montes
Photo: Niki Riga

Caruana dazzles in Berlin by IM Juan Armando Röhl Montes

IM juanrohl

Caruana dazzles in Berlin


The North American Grandmaster (of Italian origin) Fabiano Luigi Caruana has become the flaming winner of the Candidates Tournament held in Berlin, the GM of 25 years accumulated 9 points out of 14 possible (fruit of 5 wins, 8 draws and one defeat) , in the second, the Azerbaijani GM Shakriyar Mamedyarov and the Russian Sergey Karjakin (Caruana's only winner) were tied, the event was characterized by a high level of combativity carried out by all the participants, highlighting the spirit of the Ex-World Champion Vladimir Kramnik as well as the strength of the Chinese GM Ding Liren (sole unbeaten Tournament) and the weak performances of GMs Wesley So and Levon Aronian.

I finish at the headquarters of Grupo Ultimas Noticias in La Urbina, the Final Stage of the Superior League Teams with the triumph of the LO & AR Team Galletero after accumulating 25 points, was integrated by MI Ronald Brizuela, the MFs Franklin Palomo, Andrés Guerrero, José Luis Castro, Maicol Benavides and CM Lorner Acosta, the Rising Stars Academy team followed with 21 points and in third place Fransheska White with 17 points, on the individual level we highlight the excellent performances of MF Palomo as well as the young and talented Master Tachirense Fabian Vivas.

Let's see below an impressive Study of the Russian composer Viktor Evreinov from 1962 and where the White win with a series of spectacular and precise maneuvers and that shows the importance of the Fantasy and the Exact Calculation in the Chess.


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