Column Plan Chess to IM Juan Röhl

Column Plan Chess to IM Juan Röhl

IM juanrohl
Sep 20, 2016, 3:41 PM |

United States and China shine in Baku

The powerful US team triumphed in the Olympic Games held in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan. The American team consisted of GMs Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Samuel Shankland and Ray Robson, and accumulated 20 points surpassing System Runoff team Ukraine in third place ended Russia, they participated 170 teams. It highlights the excellent performance of Peru team, which ranked ranked 10th as the best Latin American.

Venezuela finished in 46th place (improving in a position relative to Tromso 2014 Olympics) with good performance, highlighted the performances of GM Eduardo Iturrizaga who accumulated 5.5 7 undefeated character and a Perfomance 2732 and as the MI José Gascón in his first Olympic participation it achieved 7.5 of 11 possible (without breaks) with a Perfomance 2526.

The Women's tournament was dominated by the Chinese team with 20 points, followed by the surprising team that beat Poland in the playoff Ukraine, both with 17 points, 134 teams participated. Venezuela finished in 83rd with a discreet performance (started from 50), forcing you to review the process of planning our Olympic teams, tournaments Training, Coaching designation, among other determinants.

Here we see the brilliant victory of GM Eduardo Iturrizaga against GM Romanian Constantin Lupulescu in Round 10, where the Creole showed excellent instinct for attack.

1.Nf3 c5 !? (Based Playing Strategy game on the black squares) 2.c4 g6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 6.Be3 Bg7 5.e4 Nf6 9.0-0 d6 7.Cc3 0-0 8.Ae2 Ad7 10. Qd2 Nxd4 11.Axd4 Bc6 12.f3 Nd7 13.b3 a5 !? 14.Ae3 Cc5 15.Tac1 Ae5 !? (Modern conception of the variant) 16.Tfd1 e6 17.Tc2 (17.Af1! Is the best alternative) 17 ... Qe7 18.Cb5 ?? (A serious misconception to be punished in an exemplary manner by GM Caracas) 18 ... Qh4! 19.g3 Axg3! Dxg3 20.hxg3 + 21.Rf1 (as indicated by the diagram follows an explosive sacrifice that finishes off the game showy)

21 ... Nxe4 !! (Delivering a powerful horse to open lines against the unprotected King White) 22.Dd3 f5 !! 23.Cd4 f4 !! 24.Cxc6 fxe3 25.Dxe3 Rf4 !! (The finale) 26.Cd4 Th4! 27.Dg1 Th1 !! (And before the imminent kill the Romanian GM surrendered, in a memorable performance surpassed GM Eduardo Iturrizaga) 0-1
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