Gascón course to the Grand Master title by IM Juan Armando Röhl Montes

Gascón course to the Grand Master title by IM Juan Armando Röhl Montes

IM juanrohl
Mar 8, 2018, 7:08 PM |

Gascón course to the Grand Master title

IM José Gascón fulfilled an outstanding performance in the 17th. Rochefort Festival, celebrated in France. The district managed 6.5 out of 9 to tie the first place along with Ukrainian GMs Andrey Sumets and Yuri Solodvnichenko, Russian GM Anton Demchenko, Hindu GM Sundar Shyam and IMs Radoslav Dimitrov and Ivaljo Enchev and thus achieve their second norm for the title of Grand Master, a historical feat for the creole sport. We know from his great discipline and love for Chess that he is close to becoming the second Venezuelan GM.

At the national level, we highlight the victory of the Delegation of the Capital District in the V National Youth Championship held at the Club "Miramar" in Punto Fijo, Falcón State. The event was attended by 218 chess players from 19 states and was organized by the Falcón State Chess Association, with the support of the Venezuelan Chess Federation.

In the sub 8 Absolute category, the merideño José Martínez had a preponderant dominance (with 9 out of 9); in the Sub 10 F the Mirandino Andrea Pisani won by tiebreaker, in the Absolute Sub 10 the Zuliano Víctor Rojas stood out; In the Sub 12 F won the district Amanda Noriega (athlete trained in the National Academy of Chess) and in the Sub 12 Absolute won the aragüeño Ali Aaron Jaramillo.

In the Under 14 F category, the WFM cojedeña Roxanny Matute dominated in a dramatic way, in the Absolute Sub 14 the tie won the CM Ángel Ramírez; in the Sub 16 F the Merideña Jemmily Ramírez triumphed; the Sub 18 F saw the comfortable victory of the WFM carabobeña Marvia Alvarado and in the Sub 18 Absolute the MF from Caracas took off by Mauricio Ramirez. We congratulate parents, coaches and organizers for the excellent event held.

Let's see next a wonderful study of the famous composer Wotawa of 1939. In it, white triumphs with a paradoxical maneuver as indicated in the Diagram.

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