2014 World Mind Games Final Game 4 - Gnab whacks Katz to emerge 2014 World Mind Games champion!

CM juniortay
Nov 18, 2014, 5:49 PM |

IM Alexander Katz, in a do-or-die attempt to win with Black, repeated his home-concocted 8...Bd7!?  in the Pirc Austrian Attack,  which had paid dividends in the qualifying event against Gnaburits. However, this time, Gnab was well-prepped and with a powerful pawn sacrifice, set in motion a devastating kingside attack to put Katz away. Coincidentally, the moves d5-d6! and f4-f5!, just like in Game 2, were responsible for the crushing attack.

After the match (which ended 3-1 in IM Gnaburits' favour), the winner praised his opponent for "outplaying me in every strategic position". Katz mused that this was his first ever matchplay event and he had learnt a lot from it. Indeed, it was a case of 'what might have been' had Katz not self-trapped his rook in a winning position in Game 1. He was however, quite satisfied with his play in the event though.

In any case, congratulations to IM Gnaburits who earns a cool $1500 and IM Alexander Katz has a not-too-shabby $1000 to drown his sorrows in.

* The identity of the mysterious Gnaburits has been revealed in the Official 2014 Mind Sports report and our Mind Games Champion is Italian IM Niccolo Ronchetti Laughing