Best games of the tourney-Singapore Masters Blitz Invitational 2015

CM juniortay
Mar 6, 2015, 5:08 AM |

I would like to showcase the best games of the above-mentioned event.

First up, the 'Caveman Attack' Award goes to FM Andrean Susilodinata for a barnstormer of an hack.

The following was the best game of the event. IM Goh Wei Ming wins the 'Carlsen Chokehold' award for this asphyxiation demonstration.

I was very impressed by the way Benjamin handled the opening against the acknowledged expert of the ...Nc6 Centre Counter. Before the event, I wanted to prepare against those strong opponents I would be facing but gave up after 5 minutes, realising that it would be too much work. But I did click on some of Nelson's Centre Counter games where he (as well as his elder brother and sister) outplayed many masters with it by constantly combining central pressure with slick piece play. Here, Benjamin Foo gets the 'Take the bull by the horns' award by entering into Nelson's main line and coming out with a powerful idea to blast the queenside open. With this, we've come to the end of my annotated series for this event. Thank you for viewing!