A Tactical Theme Spanning Generations

A Tactical Theme Spanning Generations

Sep 3, 2014, 9:10 PM |

Sometimes tactical themes are learned and repeated from generation to generation...

Take the first example in this blog, for instance. It is game number 10 from the World Championship match in 1966 between world Champion Tigran Petrosian and the challenger, Boris Spassky...


     (Spassky-Petrosian WC Match, 1966)






      (Isaac Boleslavsky)


                         Notes by Boleslavsky, Petrosian's coach.

I remember, when I first saw this game, how impressed I was by it. Recently, after buying books with Petrosian's games, I discovered that this pattern had occurred in an earlier Petrosian game, against Vladimir Simagin:
Notes by Tigran V. Petrosian

This game was played in the Moscow Championship Final Match of 1956, the year I was born!

I thought I had seen the last of this theme; but then I found the following game in Tartakower's book "My Best Games of Chess 1905-1954". The following game was played in 1939, when Petrosian was 10 years old! I wonder if he was familiar with this game when he played Simagin in 1956...

(Savielly Tartakower)


                              Notes by Savielly Tartakower

So, imagine my surprise when, following the Amber Tournament in 2009, I saw Anand do the same theme against Peter Leko, in a blindfold game!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the games, and the great annotations by Boleslavsky, Petrosian and Tartakower!

Special thanks to Mr. Peter Doggers, whom I contacted DURING the WC match between Anand and Carlsen, as I could not remember which of Anand's games was the one that contained this theme. He was gracious enough to take time from his busy schedule and provide me with a link to the Anand-Leko game. Gratitude.

UPDATE: We have one more game with this pattern! Thanks to Mr. Doggers, who reminded me of it.

It is the game Nezhmetdinov-Chernikov, from the USSR Team Championship, Rostov-on-Don, 1962.




                        (Rashid Gibiatovich Nezhmetdinov)




                                    (Oleg L. Chernikov)       





                             Comments by Alex Pishkin, Author of
                                           "Super Nezh"

According to Alex Pishkin, "The game produced such an impression on the many participants of the team championship that none of them presented their games for the beauty prize- it was guaranteed in advance to Nezh."