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Geller, Fischer and Kasparov! Black Knight on d3, Black Wins!

Geller, Fischer and Kasparov! Black Knight on d3, Black Wins!

Jan 10, 2018, 8:47 AM 3

The following three games have something in common.....the Black knight penetrates to the square d3, and Black wins! We will show them in chronological order.

The first game is between Tigran V. Petrosian,  "Iron Tigran", as they used to call him, and Efim Geller, one of the strongest players never to be World Champion. This game was played in the 1961 USSR Team Championship in Moscow. Petrosian uses an early d5 to try to contain Geller. This does not work, as Geller shows his virtuosity in handling the KID with Black!



 Geller and Petrosian in the 50's!




The following game is from the USA Championship 1963-64, in which Fischer won with a perfect score of 11 wins, no losses or draws!





                                                                     Robert Byrne




The third game is form the WC Match between Karpov and Kasparov in 1985. in the 16th game, Kasparov repeats a gambit which he first essayed in game 12....a pawn sacrifice to break the Maroczy Bind! Game 12 ended in a quick draw, but in this game Kasparov carries out his main idea brilliantly: the Black knight on d3 paralyzes White's army!





So there you have it, boys and girls! Put your black knight on d3 and go to sleep

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