Too Tired To Win

Mar 25, 2012, 5:18 PM |

Hi! In this third and final game from the Icelandic Chess Club Team Championships, I had difficulty in finding an effective plan against my opponent's setup. He used the Petrosian Variation in the Winawer French (C16). I came up with a dubious plan, but one that made sense to me: instead of letting him clean out the f1-a6 diagonal by exchanging bishops cleanly with Ba6, I put my bishop on d3 and took with the pawn, cxd3. This way, I felt my opponent could not get the usual, clean-cut plan of play on the white squares, and he would have to "play chess"; that is, to actually come up with ideas over the board, rather than just going down theory lane.

Around move 18 I started losing the thread of the game and got an inferior position, but then my opponent tried to capitalize too quickly, and overlooked a recapture with my king, which game me the advantage.

However, at that moment I offered a draw, as the lack of sleep (only 3 1/2 hours the night before) had caught up with me, and I was happy just not to lose the game, and could not change gears to go into a long rook endgame.



I feel I should have asked the captain of the team permission to offer a draw, but was too tired to continue. I was satisfied with my results: One win and two draws! Hope to do better next year!