Two Recent OTB Games ( a rarity!) from the Chess Club Team Champiomship in Iceland

Two Recent OTB Games ( a rarity!) from the Chess Club Team Champiomship in Iceland

Mar 10, 2018, 4:20 AM |

Hi! Chess lovers will understand and forgive.....I will share two games I played last week at the Icelandic Chess Club Team Championship. I was invited to play for the Reykjavik Club, which is a great honor for me, by my friend and brother Torfi Leosson.

One note: I do not like to use computers for analysis, for various reasons: First of all, ever since my early days in chess, one of my greatest joys was to try to find the Truth in a position, often analyzing with my friends. Second of all, I want to use my own brain, and not get lazy by looking at "solutions" given by a computer. Although I know that my variations might not always be 100% correct, still, they are the product of my own imagination or awareness in any given position. So, please forgive!


In this wonderful team event, which gathers over 400 players per round in a huge hall, the more than 20 Icelandic Chess Clubs play rounds 1-4 in the Fall, and rounds 5-7 in the Spring. We had decided to play in two of these rounds. Round 5 was on Friday night, and rounds 6 and 7 on Saturday.


I arrived with some trepidation, eight days before the round, which would be perfect for getting rid of the jet lag, and also to just acclimatize and feel at home there.


Last year I played in only one game, and lost it quite convincingly to a talented young player, of which there are many in this wonderful country. So my main concern was that if I lost both games disastrously, the Team Captain (and other team members as well) would say, "What kind of idiot did you bring to play for our team?" Luckily, I scored 1 1/2 out of 2, so the worst was avoided.


Here is the Friday night game....



As you can see, not a perfect game, but the attack finally triumphed!


For the Saturday game, things were more delicate. I woke up fighting a fever, and seriously considered cancelling my participation later that day. Round 7 would start at 5pm, so I had a few hours to decide. After taking some herbal remedies and two Tylenol-type tablets, the fever and the headache diminished, and having rested most of the day, I went to play. I was surprised to get White again (this happens mostly in team events- in individual tournaments it is much more typical to alternate colors every round).


This second game I played quite badly, in my opinion....I was almost unrecognizable...and I attribute it to a low-energy state caused by the cold my body was fighting at the time.


Here is the game!