Chess Mentor

Nov 10, 2008, 10:13 AM |

Deep Blue - Kasparov, Game 1 of 1996 Match - capture the pawn with the horse; don't let up attacking the king because your king is threatened by the rook on 1!

Fischer-Gadia, Mar del Plata 1960 - Move the bishop to g5 to get yourself going.  Don't forget that you go immediately into check!  Why doesn't the computer tell you that?  Move the bishop up before the horse.  Instead of going for the nice fork with your horse, move the castle out to d1.  Then go for the fork.  Don't take the bishop when the queen retreats though.  Catch the castles coming by moving the pawn up one.  Move the castle back to 1 and develop the pawn.

Spassky-Petrosian, Moscow (World Championship) 1969 - You have to move the queen first!  f4. Then after the pawn progresses f5.  Now harrass the queen with the castle.  Once she backs off bring the castle down to the 7 square.  Horse d4.  Getting the castle down to c8 is the goal.