2014 Maryland Open

May 6, 2014, 4:24 PM |

Hi everyone, I recently played in the Under 1800 section of the Maryland Open. I was ranked near the bottom based on rating, so was happy that I scored 2.5/5 points. My USCF rating also went up a little bit from 1620 to 1633. One good thing that came from this tournament was that I had been in a bit of a chess slump and I think I finally got out of it. Anyway, here are the games (Full annotations will be out soon, but I just wanted to get the games posted):

Round 1- G45+30" inc.

Round 2- G45+30" inc.


Round 3- 40/90 + SD30 + 30" inc.

Day 2


Round 4- 40/90 + SD30 + 30" inc.

Round 5- 40/90 + SD30 + 30" inc.

Tournament Summary:
I was pretty happy with ths tournament, and although I didn't win a prize I was happy that I got to try some unfamiliar openings. 
Thanks for reading!