Chesapeake Open 2016 Rounds 1-3

Jan 17, 2016, 8:04 PM |

Hi everyone,

I am currently playing in the Chesapeake Open, a seven round tournament in Rockville, Maryland. With my listed rating being 1912, I chose to play in the Under 2000 section. I was somewhat nervous having not played in a tournament since November, but I think I held up well for the first three rounds. Anyway, here are the games:


Round 1: G45, 30" inc.

In Round 1 I played a teenager around my age named Stanley Wu. We played one of my favorite Scotch lines, and although he played the opening accurately I eventually won with a tricky sacrifice. Here is the game:

Game summary: That was a fun game to get back into tournament play with. 17. Rxf6 likely wasn't sound, but I was happy to give up some material for an attack. I knew I would be playing a tough opponent next round, but I felt confident and ready to crush someone.


Round 2: G45, 30" inc.

In round two I played an older man named Wilbert Brown, who barely squeaked under the rating limit at 1999 USCF. Though I was surging with confidence, I ended up getting positionally pummeled with him eventually outplaying me in an equal ending. Here is the ugly game:

Game summary: I'm sure most of you could conclude based on the game's annotations that I'm frustrated with how I played in that game. I made some bad desicions in the endgame, and it costed me a half point. Hopefully the poor endgame play was an isolated event and I'll play better next time I see a similar endgame. It's never good to go into a game feeling negative, so despite the disappointing loss I tried to put the game behind me and focus on winning the next round.


Round 3: 40/90+SD30, inc.30"

In Round 3 I played a man named Edward Maclaren. I felt a little bit uncomfortable coming out of the opening, but he allowed a rather simple combination the allowed me to win a pawn. Eventually my pieces got very active and I won more material and soon after the game. Here it is:

Game summary: I think I played well, but I think I need to take a look at the opening. I'm pretty sure my opponent could've been much better if he didn't allow 14. Bxf6. This seems like a game I slept through somewhat and won just by making safe, common sense moves. No disrespect to my opponent though- Despite playing up a section he ended up with a formidable 3/7, including a win against the eventual second-place finisher :-) Regardless, a win is a win is a win and I felt good with 2/3  points. 


As always, comments are greatly appreciated to fell free to leave any questions/analysis you have. Thanks, and stay tuned for rounds 4-7!