Potomac Open- Day 1

Aug 6, 2014, 8:32 AM |

Hi everyone, I've decided to start blogging again! I just played in the Potomac Open, a 5-round tourament in Rockville, Maryland. I received a nice rating boost from the World Open (I got 6.5/9 in the U1800 section) which brought me up to 1780, making me one of the higher seeds going into round 1 of the Under 1900 section.


Round 1- G45+30" inc.

 In Round 1, I was paired with a 1664 I had beaten in a previous tournament. Both of us missed chances to win material in the middlegame, but I eventually won a pawn and ended the game with a nice fork. Here is the game:

Game summary: I'm not super happy with the way I played in the middlegame, but I think I played solidly.


Round 2- G45+30" inc.

In the second round I was paired with a friend of mine whom I had drawn with in a previous tournament. The game looked even coming out of the opening, but I got a nice space advantage and was able to win material. Here is the game:

Game summary: I'm very happy with this entire game, but I wish I had found the better move on move 13.

Round 3- 40/90+SD30, 30" inc.

Going into Round 3, I had a perfect record of 2-0-0. I had just enjoyed a nice steak dinner, and was very excited to play. I got paired with someone who I was 0-2 against in previous tournaments. I remembered that he had crushed me with the Grand Prix Attack a few tournaments ago, so I tried a new variation. Unfortunately, I got into trouble very quickly and he soon won material. Here is the game:

Game summary: That's the last time I try a new opening variation before learning it!


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for Day 2!