Potomac Open- Day 2

Aug 7, 2014, 8:34 AM |

Going into the second day of the Potomac Open, I had 2/3 points. The prizes in this tournament were based on how many points you scored instead of standings, so I needed to score 1.5/2 in order to win a prize.


 Round 4- 40/90+SD30, 30" inc.

In the first round of the day I was paired with a 1879 who only had 1.5/3. I took a big lead in development, and I eventually won a pawn and his queen. Here is the game:

Game summary: I'm not very happy with how I played that middlegame and a bit disappointed that my opponent had a winning move in that endgame, but I'll happily take the point. I now am a half-poit away from getting money!



Round 5- 40/90+SD30, 30" inc.

Going into Round 5, all I needed was a draw to win money. But I decided to go for the win. My opponent, playing Black in the Sicilian, actually started his attack first! I was probably losing in that game, but my opponent played a weird knight sacrifice that only gave him back two pawns, followed by a bishop sacrifice that only gave him back one pawn. Here is the game:

Game summary: I wish I knew why Black played 16... Nxe4 and 24... Bxb2, but I'll just assume it was a lapse of judgement.

Tournament Summary:

USCF 1767 ------> 1847!!!!!

I finally broke 1800 USCF! I also went home with a nice $350 check CoolCoolCool

Thanks for reading!