Sterling U1900

Jan 22, 2014, 1:29 PM |

A few months ago I posted a blog about a Sterling tournament that I won. This past weekend, I played in another one of those tournaments. This time, I played up in the U1900 section. Having only a 1563 rating, I was pretty suprised when I found out I was the 7th seed out of 15 people! I guess lots of other people wanted to play up too Smile. I did pretty well, scoring 2.5/4 points. Anyway, here are the games:


Round 1- G61, d5

As I said earlier, I was actually one of the higher seeds in the tournament. That meant I played someone lower rated than me in the first round. My opponent, while only being a 1370, still gave me a very interesting game. Here it is:

Round 2- G 61, d5


I knew after winning my first round, I had to play someone good. I was right. My opponent was a 1770. I am definitely someone who is intimidated by ratings, so I'll admit I was a bit nervous. But I played the board instead of the man, concentrated as hard as I could, and I played a very good game. It ended with a threefold repetition in a very drawish endgame. Here is the game:

I was very happy to get the draw, although I wish I could've won that endgame. I have a 1.5/2 score right now, which is much better than expected.

Round 3- G61, d5

When I saw the opponent I was playing for Round 3, my heart sank. I didn't know the guy's rating, but because I knew that it was in the 1800s I decided not to look so I wouldn't be as nervous. But once againg, I played the board, focused as hard as I could, and I won! Here is the game:

Next round I will be playing on the top board with the other person with 2.5/3, and the winner will win the tournament.

Round 4- G60, d5

I tied for 2nd place, and won $27.50. Also, my new rating got above 1600 for the first time!

Thanks for reading!