Privacy Policy

Dec 8, 2013, 6:11 PM |

Every keystroke on the keyboard do you have access to thousands of Internet
Anyone who wishes to do so is not hard to get your passwords

But do not worry there is an easy way to protect passwords and the use of protective programs Yvzr half Mybashdayn password hacker program from encroaching on your passwords Rakvtah Myknndmannd I wrote a program called Blue password

So, theoretically, the program was shortened Hacker Is our privacy is safe

No data is still on your browsing computer is on and everyone behind your computer Bshynh limited data review and to see what you can post on the Internet or, pictures, and a page what you have seen the read the Perhaps worse than hacking you might get by hackers.

Again, do not worry;

Using anti footprints all traces and signs that can surf the Internet and all the things that you've done a wipe and clean your computer safely and leave your computer

The program was introduced in the above post is made by myself.
If the program you want to write me a comment to let a download link.