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My Niece won Non-Finalist Talent Award!!!

Feb 10, 2008, 7:16 AM 1

in her concert blackOf course, I didn’t find this out from any family members who attended last night’s extravaganza but I saw it on the website and so this information will have to do for now.  My niece’s photo is from the last competition she entered and she now knows NOT to use “concert black,” not her color at all!!!  I wonder if she will try out in future contests???  I had no idea that these beauties can go from suburb to suburb in the Twin Cities to compete even if they don’t live in that particular town.  Some of the same girls showed up to compete against each other in last night’s event and maybe they are older and good at knowing how to answer the interview questions with the judges.  Anyway, even though she didn’t make the top three spots, I’m still very happy that my niece placed in winning the Non-Finalist Talent Award!!!!

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