Rain Pours; Mirror Shatters

Dec 6, 2007, 3:15 PM |

Rain Pours; Mirror Shatters

The above title of my blog today seems like a Chinese saying but it happened in real life.  At least, the second part of the saying did last night.  I was showing to about 15 students the short movie clip (7 min. 20 sec) titled “Rain” produced by Damah Film festival.  Since we had so many people, we decided to use the main office.  The coat rack was moved out to the hallway, the chairs from the classroom brought in.  I was having technical difficulties again with our projector, so instead I had the students LISTEN to the monolog of the girl trapped weeping in a phone booth talking to her mother in the rain.  Thus, the title of the clip. 

Finally, my husband came to save me from my technical disaster but not before a HUGE mirror (4 by 3 feet) in the office came crashing down on both electric cords, the one for the projector and the other for my computer.  Fortunately, it didn’t knock out the cord for the projector and it didn’t cream any of the students but 1,000s of pieces shattered everywhere. 

The saying “the show must go on” applied in this case.  I had to keep the class going and they seemed nonplussed by what happened.  As they watched the “Rain” clip on the wall of the classroom, I started picking up the pieces and wondered how this could have happened.  From my vantage point, I could see the mirror falling off the wall and I was helpless to do anything about it.  I realize that there are evil things in the heavenlies that would NOT want these film clips to get out since they deal with eternal issues.  I also realize that I need prayer back up and will call on reinforcements for future showings. 

Rain Pours; Mirror Shatters; Lesson learned