Three Dinarii, Please!

Dec 2, 2007, 12:53 AM |
That will be three dinarii, please!”

Dreams are funny, you can’t understand them but they piece together from real life events from the day before. At least true in my dream.  I woke up realizing I had been in a big cathedral which was packed out for a grand event, presumably a wedding.  Seems that I was in the balcony making sure a banner would go up just right.  I don’t recall what the banner read but once that was accomplished I went to the main floor and sat off to the right in the second row.  I think my sister Karen was getting married and I saw my mom but no other family members.  I had earlier heard a priest, someone official looking say, “of course we will have a funeral too.”  I thought how odd to have a happy and sad occasion all rolled into one.  Then the most significant thing I heard after all was said and done was, “That will be three dinarii, please!”

 Wow, a spiritual event of a wedding and when it got down to the crux of it, the priest wanted money for his services.  This morning as I was focusing on my devotions, I thought about the wedding ceremony and the significance that it has from what Matthew records in chapter 19.  Jesus said, “…For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.  So then, they are no longer two but one flesh.  Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

 Perhaps the reason I was thinking of this grand, spiritual event is that my 18 year old niece is in the Miss Twin Cities pageant competing with 9 other beautiful looking girls.  She had her interview with the judges at 1:00 p.m. and wanted a new suit for that.  Then her mom, my sister, wished her daughter had bought a new swimsuit out in Los Angeles when they were out there over a month ago.  Also, she has the evening gown competition and her talent would be playing the violin (that part is the cinch because she is very good, *I* think). 

I’ve been praying for my little niece and hoping that she realizes that her soul is more important than the outer skin of her physical shell.  Her platform, as a college freshman, is that she is opposed to college drinking.  Good for her!!!  The reason this is a pressurized time, is that she does not have a dancing background and all 10 contestants were doing a dance number together for the show Saturday night to the theme song from “Hairspray.”  As I write this 12 hours ahead, they are about to crown the new Miss Twin Cities who will compete then for Miss Minnesota, I believe.  I don’t think she will get the little tiara, this is because she was sick with the flu and missed one of the rehearsals.  Oy vey!  Must be nerves!

No accounting why I thought of my other, already married sister Karen but these are times when I would LOVE to be home and supporting and rooting for my little niece.  I will report the outcome in tomorrow’s blog and also let you know what I’m learning about Central Asian teachers from the applications I’m reading.  Very interesting stuff.