Zhanna's Grandfather - "Hard School of War"

Aug 22, 2008, 2:10 PM |

            I have a grandfather from my father’s side. My grandparents live in the east of Kazakhstan, near the border with China during all their lives.  Every year when I visit my grandfather and grandmother they like to tell me many stories from their lives. Especially, my grandfather likes to talk about his father, who was the participant of the Great Patriotic War. Every time he said: “My father was a very brave, honest, kind person and I am very proud of him. When the Great Patriotic War started in 1941 I was only 13 years old and when my father said about it to me I do not fully understood the meaning of this words. When the years passed and the Great  Patriotic War ended I really understood the meaning of this words, I felt it and saw by my own eyes how much suffering, devastation, casualties and sorrow this war brought to our nation”.


The years of the Great Patriotic War was very difficult period not only for my grand-grandfather but for my grandfather and his family too. Because in this period of time there were real starvation and shortage of goods. My grandfather was only 13 years old and started to work in the factory which produced goods for people who went away to the war. He looked after his mother and began to earn for living, his childhood passed in such a severe conditions. It was a very good experience but at the same time very hard school for my grandfather.


          My grand-grandfather went to the War in 1941. At that time my grandfather and grandmother lived in the East of Kazakhstan. My grandfather every time wrote letters to the home and my grandfather was really happy to heard something from his dad, it is gave him a hope to live further and wait of his home-coming. My grand-grandfather was aviator and the leader of a team. He was a very optimistic person and every time he said that we will win this war. Also he said that it is very important to support each other and support of your relatives is the most important part of our life. After two years my grand-grandfather returned from the War and his family was so happy to see him again, especially my grandfather for whom he was an ideal of a man. But this happiness continued not so long because he was taken away again to the war. It was last time when my grandfather saw him because during the next year they did not receive any letters from my grand-grandfather. When the Great Patriotic War ended they receive a letter where were written that his father were found dead on the battlefield.


My grandfather celebrated his 80 anniversary this year and all our relatives were there to congratulate him with his birthday and I noticed there that my grandfather continue to tell the story about his father to grandchildren and I also listened to him despite the fact that I heard this story many times.  I never get tired of listening of my grandfather’s stories because every time he put whole soul into his stories.