Happy Birthday Leapers!!!

Happy Birthday Leapers!!!

Feb 28, 2012, 10:19 PM |

The odds of having your birthday on February 29 is only 1 out of 1,461. 

And what a deal...you age at a 25% rate compared to the rest of the population!

The ultimate fountain of youth...(but you can't fool Mother Nature!)

Anyway...thanks to Julius Caesar...today's date is kind of special.  Doesn't happen that often. 

Wierd Birthday Probabilities:  Do you know how many people it takes to have two people who share the same birthday?

You might think that it would take a lot more than it actually does.

In fact...a 99% probability of shared birthdays is reached with just 57 people, and a 50% probability with only 23 people.

My birthday is June 6.  Anybody else out there born on that day?? 

I'd say the Odds are pretty good.

Here's some basic training on why today is February 29 and NOT March 1.