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Presidents, Rooks, and Bishops...oh my!!

Presidents, Rooks, and Bishops...oh my!!

Dec 23, 2011, 5:53 AM 1

Chess may have played a major role in George Washington's decisive victory during the Revolutionary War...



On Christmas night in 1776, Washington led his troops across the icy Delaware River.  They not only had to face a treacherous river in complete darkness, but also raging winds with snow, sleet and rain.  Almost impossible conditions.  Many of the soldiers did not even have decent shoes!!

But somehow they not only made the crossing, but then actually launched an attack on the sleeping enemy...taking them by complete surprise.  After fierce fighting, and the loss of the enemy commander,  Washington had pulled off a miraculous victory which was pivotal in winning the Revolution.

As the story goes...not too long before the crossing, a spy report had been handed to the British commander that an attack was planned. But get this!!!!  The commander did not want to be interrupted WHILE HE PLAYED CHESS, so he put the unread note in his pocket!!!!!

The note was later found in his pocket, unopened, when he died in battle.

Believe it or not.  Wow.






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