Presidents, Rooks, and Bishops...oh my!!  Part Deaux

Presidents, Rooks, and Bishops...oh my!! Part Deaux

Dec 24, 2011, 6:51 AM |

Yes...Abraham Lincoln played an occasional game of chess at the White House. One of his chess sets is even displayed at the Smithsonian... 

One time he was playing chess with a certain Judge Treat. Right in the heat of battle, Lincoln's son, Tad (not Todd), was sent by his mom (Mary) to tell them that dinner was ready. Lincoln ignored Tad and continued with the game.

Tad then went over and actually kicked the chess board right off the table.  What a brat!!!  The judge just sat there, completely speechless.  Lincoln then said... in a very calm voice, "Come, Tad".  And then off to dinner they went, with the judge trailing behind (probably shaking his head)!!!

Lincoln either showed great restraint or had absolutely no control of his child.

Or maybe he had been losing anyway and the kick had been good timing??

What do you think??