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Walkin Thru a Winter Blunderland

Walkin Thru a Winter Blunderland

Feb 27, 2012, 4:42 AM 2

Lasker vs Thomas...London, England...1912.   

Watch as the Black King leaves his Castle for a breath of fresh air.  His little stroll turns life-threatening as he quickly loses his direction and strays into the enemy camp. 

Unbelievably...he actually wanders into the White Castle itself!  Perhaps looking for the White Queen??  No...that couldn't be the reason...he had already killed her at his place!! 

The White Army stands ready to defend it's fortress from this deranged Royal attacker.  Arriving both Alone and Uninvited into the White Castle, The Black King's fate is sealed.  A strange case of Fatal Attraction as he is fatally wounded in a crossfire of Enemy Rocketed Rook Revenge.


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