new to chess

Oct 23, 2007, 4:37 PM |

 ok. now impressed wid myself, jus won a coupla games that i actuall really deserved to win. check out my game against j-z cos i pulled off an amazin move wid my knight. but still not sure if ive got any betta(tho at least im out of the 800's curently)thanx for the advice. really need a chess picture book cos the notations make no sense to me no matter how hard i try i jus cant visualise it or understand it. still i'll keep on plodin on an see what happens

never really played before but am now getting addicted. joined with the main aim of improving my chess enough to b able to beat my brother when he comes home for xmas. whilst my game has got better i still find myself makin stupid mistakes and not thinkin thru my moves properly. i have pulled off a few really good moves but still thats not a general thing. anyone wanna giv me advice, feel free cos even if i dont introduce it into my game then i'll have a much better understandin of the way other people play.x