sold out a poem by me.

May 8, 2012, 2:55 AM |

sold out

break of day steel leaden sky
loneliness penetrating through
the layers of hurt
hunting for warmth denied me
tears spent in wasted confusion
seeking warmth from outdated
the day stretching before me
uncoiling like a rain soaked

All speech silenced left in
the slipstream of time to slowly
decay leaving no trace of identity
pacing the floor echos of you pacing         
you had been here before
nights we would spend laughing or crying
acting the fool feeding our silliness with

windows misted, rain tapping a litany out of
synch out of time playing a well rehearsed
song of happy sounds ,reverberating against
the walls of my mind trying to make sense
struggling to rhyme failing to connect distant,
incandescent, intensity in its emotion
i am undone
i am undone
Copyright © ken newman