Rook and Pawn vs. 6 Pawns Endgame

Dec 10, 2009, 11:09 PM |

Here's my continuing analysis of my USCF games.  I'll try to limit myself to only the most interesting games.  This one certainly qualifies.  This was my 16th USCF rated game, back in 1986, against Dennis Tracey, rated 1373.  I was provisionally rated 1524 at the time.

There's some interest to be had in the opening and middlegame, but the most interesting part of this game, to me, is the endgame, where it's my rook and single pawn vs. six (count 'em) pawns (starting on move 41).

Sadly for me, I came out on the short end of a game that I should have won.  Not only that, but when I could no longer win the game I didn't recognize it, so I passed up my opportunity to at least salvage a draw.

While it was a disappointing loss, it's a good game to go back and analyze and learn from.