Tips to get better at Chess Tactics

Tips to get better at Chess Tactics

Jun 11, 2017, 2:30 AM |



This topic just for people who have problems with Chess Tactics


I think doing Chess Tactics is 1 of the best ways to improve your chess skill! But how do we do Chess Tactics in RIGHT way to improve? Just do it? No no no!

We have 2 problems that usually happen in do tactics:

_These tactics are too hard

_Although do tactics but it cannot help to improve chess skill

Firstly, I want to solve your 1st problem: 

When the position is a tactic, you should look for:

  • King: checkmate, check,...
  • Piece (Pieces) doesn't (don't) have any protection: Find the BEST way to attack them
  • Material: looking for the best way to have the advantage material
  • Moves: Play some moves that have oblige

You just look for that, I think it can be easier!


Second problem:

I think you should set your fixed time to solve tactics.

For example: I set my fixed time to do tactics is 15 minutes, then let's see how many puzzles I can solve in 15 minutes. After that, divide number of these puzzles you solved for 15 minutes, you will receive number of tactics that you solved in 1 minute. If you don't satisfy your result, you can try again!


The advantage you gain for this way is: You can do tactics quicker! You can realize the tactic in a position.


The other website I think it can help you about tactics is:! It's free and you can do many chess puzzles as you want!


Now is the time to practice with some advices I gave for you! 

 I think it can help you a lot to improve your Tactics Skill! Thanks for Watching!
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