Early Queen Gets the Whip!

Feb 9, 2012, 2:24 AM |

Well today I will display a game that should remind us of a simple basic rule in chess opennings..i.e "Dont Bring your Queen Out to early" unless ofcourse there is a solid reason and well caulated for that matter.

Anyway I am playing white and my opponent responds to my 1, e4 .. with 1. ..  e6 i.e the French defence and I got excited when he suddenly droped his good play and decided to play 4. ...  Qxd5? From there i knew all i had to do is try and chase the queen around as i developed my pieces. Obviously for black 4. ... exd5 followed by 5. ... Be7 was a much better move as it develops the bishop and prepares for castling eventually.

The rest is yours to judge, enjoy this one!!!