A year of peace...sort of

A year of peace...sort of

Jun 1, 2017, 6:02 PM |

Today, my unmatched obsession with browsing through old threads reminded me of my conflict with certain anime fanclub. I was a bit surprised when I realized that a whole year had passed since the end of active hostilities...Tempus fugit or so they say.

I guess time gives you a new insight on past events, so I hope now I can sensibily reflect on the dispute. It is obvious that I am not the nicest person in the site (and it has never been my intention) and sometimes I have been unnecessarily offensive to people I do not even know. However, I still believe that in the case of the Yui feud, some of the aggressiveness I displayed was justified. 

The yui spam (mainly in the daily puzzle but also in other unrelated topics) was ridiculous, childish and annoying, no matter how much "love" it tried to spread. This is undeniable, and I was not the only one who confronted bestpony and his sockpuppets (some months after the feud I was told about the possibility of him having several accounts and it actually makes a lot of sense) because of it.

Nevertheless, only I was ruthless. I kept fighting when the others had surrendered. And although I still consider that the fight against bestpony contributed to shed light on the problem, my approach to it was completely wrong. I was extremely unfair to members of the yui fanclub (e.g. Gamificast) who had little to none implication in the spam. Trying to clean the forums of what I considered toxic spam, I behaved toxically myself. This comes late, very late, but I offer my sincerest apologies to them.

Time for the infiltration episode. It takes some naïvety to admit a 1-day account called "HamIsSpam" to your club just because that user has posted some laudatory content about yui. Still, I admit that  leaking content from a private group was completely unethical and in the end only damaged my credibility to criticize the yui shitposting. I will not deny I enjoyed doing it. Which even makes things worse.

Finally, bestpony. Time has made me think he is a sad human being who deserves to be pitied instead of attacked. I still had some small arguments with him after the main one finished, whenever we happened to be in the same thread. Ultimately, I unblocked her and realized that the best policy  was to ignore him, which fortunately was much easier after the spam had been taken care of.


So here ends my totally non-biased, absolutely objective account on the issue.

And now, let all these events be buried and forgotten by time.