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Fishing is just like trolling

Fishing is just like trolling

Oct 23, 2016, 12:37 PM 3

The bait. The most important part of a troll thread. Without a good one, your thread will vanish in the shadows. You will not get attention, and if you are not noticed, you do not deserved to be called a troll.

However, in some cases a good bait is not enough. You wait, but nothing moves under the water. Even the rod is bored. It is not the day. No matter what you do, you will catch nobody's attention. The forums are dead, and fishes stay in safe threads, ignoring the bait, and  even talking about chess! In this cases you cannot distinguish a good troll from a bad one. It happens to everyone.

Once in a blue moon, a miracle happens. A controversial topic! Then you can be sure about one thing: somebody will take the bait. You just have to wait, grab popcorn and laugh when a new comment appears. If you really want to take advantage of the situation, you should get more bait, the first fishes might have eaten it all, and, of course, you want more of them.

As you may know, you cannot fish every species (never forget, political and religious ones are forbidden!) and there is always the risk of breaking the laws against overfishing: if moderators do not like a topic that has been repeated a lot lately, and they warn you once, you should stop if you do not want them to take your license.


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