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Soul Weather

Soul Weather

Sep 26, 2017, 3:34 PM 3

She is simple in her needs and modest in her wants, yet too complicated in her thoughts for her own good. Seeming to infinitely be searching for things that don't exist.

She is melancholic within her wisdom and insight, yet joyful within her gratefulness for it.

She is delicate and peaceful in outward presence, yet ferocious and unintentionally masochistic in the private existence only known to her.

When her skies grow dark the rain is torrential. But when the clouds part, the light shines blindingly over everyone around her.

Often a contradiction, she loves so hard she leaves none for herself.

An open book of pure honesty, yet no one seems to know who she really is.

Humble in her ambitions, yet always holding a bar for herself so high she will forever drown underneath. 

She can't help but hold the weight of the world, knowingly allowing its burden to cast shadows on her soul. Never will she be able to let go of her fantasies of impossibility, but wouldn't have it any other way.

Because in those moments when she rises above the floodwaters to admire the blue sky, the beauty in her heart and soul is so electrically grand, she appreciates every dark day with complete gratitude. For without them she could never recognize the amazing exquisiteness of life that so many fail to see.. or even care to strive to see.

It's a dreamingly beautiful world or it's a pathetically tragic world. A momentous view delicately balanced on one's own choice of perception.

Luckily, she will always choose beauty, no matter how hard it is for her to get to it.


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