Fritz grandmaaster story.

Aug 12, 2010, 1:46 PM |

There was a German chess player who used secretly the chess program Fritz in a tournament. Nobody knew how he did it. Maybe somebody else checked the moves with Fritz and gave him hand signs or something like that. He had nothing plugged in his ear or elsewhere.


However, after a few rounds of winning every game he finally had to play a grandmaster. I am not mentioning any names here.


After some hours of playing the player said to the grandmaster:

"Checkmate in eight moves!"The chess grandmaster just smiled and didn't believe him.

"Don't smile, but find out!" the player said.

The grandmaster checked and it was true. The player won. This player had a performance in this tournament like a grandmaster at a rating of around 2500, but his own rating was only around 1800.

The organizers decided that there must be something wrong with this player but couldn't prove it.

In the end after a few months he got kicked out of his chess club and was not allowed to take part in tournaments anymore for some time. He gained a bad reputation among all chess players who knew him.